September 5, 2019

Alice Finance

Alice is a blockchain-backed decentralized financial service. It has been developed by an ambitious tech startup in Seoul, South Korea,

Alice is a blockchain-based financial service, it can provide higher savings rates. Unlike traditional banks, you do not have to authenticate your identity and create an account for savings.

Download Alice app and just deposit DAIs, one of the most famous staple coins pegged to US dollars. Because your interest is calculated day by day, even if you withdraw your saving after one day, interest will occur!

Alice protocol should make a profit by itself. Alice’s profit comes from the difference between the interest rate on the loan and that on the savings.

The second condition is that the profit must be distributed fairly. If some actors change the way it is paid so that the economic system operates for their advantage, other participants would leave the system. It would be hard to say that anyone can benefit from such a system. Therefore, we need a system that doesn’t have any centralized entity, that gives the opportunity to everyone fairly and that engages more people over time. The most effective way to design it is to have your own economy.


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